Brave Barbie

Children like to see toys that reflect them. Mattel acknowledged this by creating Brave Barbie, a doll without hair, to be exclusively distributed through NAAF.

This doll could be a great gift for a child in your life. It is not available in stores though. It is only available through NAAF. To obtain Brave Barbie, NAAF requests a minimum donation of $25.00 per doll to cover postage costs. We cannot ship internationally, unfortunately; shipping is only within the United States.

Do you want to get a Brave Barbie for someone special in your life? Simply click on this link.

Fill out the required information, including how much money you would like to donate. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal. Once we receive your payment, we can ship your doll. If your mailing address is different than the credit card billing address, please be sure to provide the address you want the doll to go to. Since this is a donation, there is also a box you can click if your employer matches charitable donations.

Please note: Brave Barbie is not available in stores. Mattel has expressly made this model to be played with and enjoyed, not resold online. Any resale may result in legal action.